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[ pahrcht ]


  1. extremely or completely dried, as by heat, sun, or wind:

    Dry shrubs cover parts of this parched valley in the South Hebron Hills.

  2. very thirsty:

    After each shift in the ship’s engine room, I was dead tired and totally parched, needing large amounts of water.

  3. (of peas, beans, grains, etc.) slightly toasted or roasted:

    The village folk customarily have one meal a day of parched grains, so there is always a crowd around the old widow’s oven.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of parch ( def ).
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Other Words From

  • parch·ed·ly [pahr, -chid-lee, pahrcht, -], adverb
  • parch·ed·ness noun
  • un·parched adjective
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Example Sentences

Already parched vegetation — by many measures at peak-season dryness and breaking records for June — is going to be even more flammable both during and after this heat wave.

As the snow melted, runoff was soaked up by parched soils, which are still dry from last year’s monsoon-free summer and fire-filled fall.

Hot weather can lead to parched soil and more dry natural material that can fuel flames.

A sophomore at Clovis North High School in Fresno, he wanted to help farmers save their plants from getting dangerously parched.

If you do go off-trail, travel only on rock and soft sand surfaces to avoid damaging the plentiful cryptobiotic soil, a living crust that helps tiny desert plants stay rooted and retains moisture in the parched ground.

Shrubs and small trees dot a parched landscape along the road from Turbat to the border.

Environmentalists today generally prefer to limit roads and block new water projects, even in parched California.

This is epic, and historic, and man am I parched/hungry all of a sudden.

When it gets parched in Los Angeles the weather service issues a “red-flag” warning to indicate that the risk of fire is high.

He leant against the wall of his refuge, notwithstanding this boast, and licked the ice to moisten his parched lips.

The dust in the curtains, if you will pardon me for hinting such a thing, has parched my throat to a crisp.

His arms were growing heavy with fatigue, his mouth was parched, and great beads of perspiration stood upon his brow.

He laid himself down again, and she reached him the gruel, which proved a great relief to his parched and fevered throat.

The coffee was made of either parched rye or corn-meal, or of sweet potatoes cut in small cubes and roasted.


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