or par·die, par·dy, per·die

[ pahr-dee ]

adverb, interjectionArchaic.
  1. verily; indeed.

Origin of pardi

1200–50; late Middle English pardie,Middle English parde<Old French par De<Latin per Deum by God

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How to use pardi in a sentence

  • In matters of this kind, each man should look to his own skin, pardi!

    Tartarin On The Alps | Alphonse Daudet
  • The company was in dire perplexity, when Mol, who was one of them, said: pardi!

  • "pardi, I should hope so," she answered, with a proud toss of her head.

    In the Name of Liberty | Owen Johnson
  • An I lose her, no joy for me, pardi, hath the wide world in fee.

    Personae | Ezra Pound
  • pardi, I should not have thought that it had been necessary.

    Petticoat Rule | Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy