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  1. Punctuation marks — ( ) — used to separate elements in a sentence. Parentheses subordinate ( see subordination ) the material within them so that readers save most of their attention for the rest of the sentence: “Aunt Sarah (who is really my mother's cousin) will be visiting next week.”

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Example Sentences

Danielewski uses experimental typography, elliptical descriptions, and color-coded parentheses.

On my computer, there was a contented little stream of smiley faces, made from colons and parentheses.

Last summer came Between Parentheses: Essays, Articles and Speeches, 1998-2003.

A posthumous collection of his essays, Between Parentheses, will be published in May.

On some reading devices, inline stage directions are set off from the text by parentheses added by the transcriber.

Clicking on the words in parentheses will take show the text as edited.

Spelling corrections: (number in parentheses) indicate the number of times the word was spelled correctly in the original text.

The numbers in parentheses in the sequel refer to the preliminary propositions above given.

The word "is" in the translations, although marked with parentheses, is not deemed wholly gratuitous.