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[pahr-flesh, pahr-flesh]
  1. a rawhide that has been dried after having been soaked in a solution of lye and water to remove the hair.
  2. an article or object, as a case, pouch, etc., made of such rawhide.
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Origin of parfleche

1820–30; < Canadian French parflèche, equivalent to French par(er) to parry (see para-2) + flèche arrow
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Examples from the Web for parfleche

Historical Examples

  • “The Sioux had parfleche soles to all their moccasins,” said John, wisely.

    The Young Alaskans on the Missouri

    Emerson Hough

  • The painted tongue and then the others are placed on the parfleche.

  • La Luna sat near her brother, sewing “parfleche” soles upon a pair of moccasins.

  • Then everybody began to sing hard, and four young men pounded with sticks on a parfleche, in time to the music.

    When Buffalo Ran

    George Bird Grinnell

  • The parfleche of tongues and other paraphernalia are brought out by the attending women and put down beside the couple.

British Dictionary definitions for parfleche


noun US and Canadian
  1. a sheet of rawhide that has been dried after soaking in lye and water to remove the hair
  2. an object, such as a case, made of this
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Word Origin

C19: from Canadian French, from French parer to ward off, protect + flèche arrow
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