[ pahr-hee-lee-uhn, -heel-yuhn ]
/ pɑrˈhi li ən, -ˈhil yən /
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noun, plural par·he·li·a [pahr-hee-lee-uh, -heel-yuh]. /pɑrˈhi li ə, -ˈhil yə/. Meteorology.

a bright circular spot on a solar halo; a mock sun: usually one of two or more such spots seen on opposite sides of the sun, and often accompanied by additional luminous arcs and bands.



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Also called sundog.
Compare paraselene.

Origin of parhelion

1640–50; alteration of Latin parēlion<Greek parḗlion, noun use of neuter of parḗlios beside the sun. See par-, helio-


par·he·lic, par·he·li·a·cal [pahr-hi-lahy-uh-kuhl], /ˌpɑr hɪˈlaɪ ə kəl/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for parhelion

/ (pɑːˈhiːlɪən) /

noun plural -lia (-lɪə)

one of several bright spots on the parhelic circle or solar halo, caused by the diffraction of light by ice crystals in the atmosphere, esp around sunsetAlso called: mock sun, sundog Compare anthelion

Derived forms of parhelion

parhelic (pɑːˈhiːlɪk, -ˈhɛlɪk) or parheliacal (ˌpɑːhɪˈlaɪəkəl), adjective

Word Origin for parhelion

C17: via Latin from Greek parēlion, from para- 1 (beside) + hēlios sun
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Scientific definitions for parhelion

[ pär-hēlē-ən ]

Plural parhelia

A white spot appearing at times in the parhelic circle. White parhelia are believed to form from light that is reflected off of atmospheric ice crystals; colored parhelia are believed to form from light that is refracted by atmospheric ice crystals. Multiple parhelia can often be seen simultaneously. Compare anthelion.
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