[ pahr-kin-suhn ]

  1. C(yril) North·cote [nawrth-kuht], /ˈnɔrθ kət/, 1909–93, English author and historian.

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How to use Parkinson in a sentence

  • Typically, a patient with Parkinson's riding a bike maintains a pedaling rate of around 50-60 RPMs.

    A Bicycle Built for Parkinson's Relief | Daily Beast Promotions | December 11, 2009 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Father Parkinson is a native of the Fylde, and he has got much of the warm healthy blood of that district in his veins.

  • Gerard had it plentifully in his garden, and Parkinson gave it the foremost place in his "Paradisus Terrestris."

  • He took out the ring from its bed of pink cotton wool, and offered it to Miss Parkinson.

    The Tinted Venus | F. Anstey
  • She was well enough, this Miss Ada Parkinson, he thought now; a nice-looking girl in her way, and stylishly dressed.

    The Tinted Venus | F. Anstey
  • "I'm quite satisfied with what he has chosen to say already, Miss Parkinson; thank you," said Matilda.

    The Tinted Venus | F. Anstey