[ pahr-ler ]
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noun, adjectiveChiefly British.

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See -or1.

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US parlor

/ (ˈpɑːlə) /

  1. old-fashioned a living room, esp one kept tidy for the reception of visitors

  2. a reception room in a priest's house, convent, etc

  1. a small room for guests away from the public rooms in an inn, club, etc

  2. mainly US, Canadian and NZ a room or shop equipped as a place of business: a billiard parlor

  3. Caribbean a small shop, esp one selling cakes and nonalcoholic drinks

  4. Also called: milking parlour a building equipped for the milking of cows

Origin of parlour

C13: from Anglo-Norman parlur, from Old French parleur room in convent for receiving guests, from parler to speak; see parley

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