[ pahr-key ]
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  1. a floor composed of short strips or blocks of wood forming a pattern, sometimes with inlays of other woods or other materials.

  2. the part of the main floor of a theater, opera house, etc., that is between the musicians' area and the parterre or rear division or, especially in the U.S., the entire floor space for spectators.

verb (used with object),par·queted [pahr-keyd], /pɑrˈkeɪd/, par·quet·ing [pahr-key-ing]. /pɑrˈkeɪ ɪŋ/.
  1. to construct (a floor) of parquetry.

Origin of parquet

1670–80; <French, diminutive of parcpark; see -et

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/ (ˈpɑːkeɪ, -kɪ) /

  1. a floor covering of pieces of hardwood fitted in a decorative pattern; parquetry

  2. Also called: parquet floor a floor so covered

  1. US the stalls of a theatre

  2. the main part of the Paris Bourse, where officially listed securities are traded: Compare coulisse (def. 3)

  3. (in France) the department of government responsible for the prosecution of crimes

  1. to cover (a floor) with parquet

Origin of parquet

C19: from Old French: small enclosure, from parc enclosure; see park

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