[ par-ish ]


  1. Anne, 1888–1957, U.S. novelist and author of books for children.
  2. (Frederick) Max·field [maks, -feeld], 1870–1966, U.S. painter and illustrator.

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Example Sentences

Parrish was hired by the Inter-Racial Commission, as it was called at the time, after the massacre to “do some reporting,” she wrote in the book.

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“Tomorrow, and our future mornings, will be a little brighter thanks to this legislative passage,” Parrish added.

In a recent interview, Parrish said the program looks only at “what is required at the minimum” when deciding whether to help those in its care.

Parrish’s music has always spoken directly to that intuition, to the kinaesthetic intelligence that governs all negotiations between body and clock.

In that sense, Parrish’s discography doesn’t follow a trajectory or an arc.

His deranged client Jeffrey Grant (Hunter Parrish) shot him in the middle of the courtroom.

“I was compelled - this was a human rights issue at our doorstep and as Americans we had to do something about it,” Parrish said.

Parrish is already gearing up for his next gig as ... wait for it ... a singer.

But in a bizarre twist of fate, Parrish may end up in The Hunger Games after all.

Warren Parrish, who had been a humble, successful preacher of the Gospel, was the ringleader of this apostate party.

As the goat put down his head to defend himself, Parrish put up his umbrella, and the goat fled into the open door of a club.

At a ball game "Joe" Parrish, a professional pickpocket and bank sneak, picked the pocket of a clerk.

He was pained severely to learn that Warren Parrish had made shipwreck of his faith and taken the downward road.

Wilford had been especially attached to Warren Parrish, because of their former missionary companionship.





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