/ (ˈpɑːtɪˌkʌləd) /

  1. having different colours in different parts; variegated

Origin of parti-coloured

C16 parti, from (obsolete) party of more than one colour, from Old French: striped, from Latin partīre to divide

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How to use parti-coloured in a sentence

  • Then came the 'Arrow' cutter of 'Chamberlayne' fame, with the well-known parti-coloured streak.

    Yachting Vol. 2 | Various.
  • Pyetushkov came out of the back room in a parti-coloured smoking-jacket with tucked-up sleeves, and a strainer in his hand.

  • On his head was a plaid turban, as parti-coloured as the proverbial coat of the over-dressed Joseph.

  • Alluding to the parti-coloured garments worn by the domestic fool of our ancestors.

  • Desmond O'Connor, for his part, lived the parti-coloured life of other men, business and pleasure in equal portions.

    Grey Town | Gerald Baldwin