[ per-tik-yuh-lar-i-tee, puh-tik- ]
/ p蓹r藢t瑟k y蓹藞l忙r 瑟 ti, p蓹藢t瑟k- /
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noun, plural par路tic路u路lar路i路ties.
the quality or state of being particular.
detailed, minute, or circumstantial character, as of description or statement.
attention to details; special care.
an individual or characteristic feature or trait; peculiarity.
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Origin of particularity

1520鈥30; <Middle French particularite<Late Latin particul膩rit膩t- (stem of particul膩rit膩s) state of being apart. See particular, -ity
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How to use particularity in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for particularity

/ (p蓹藢t瑟kj蕣藞l忙r瑟t瑟) /

noun plural -ties
(often plural) a specific circumstancethe particularities of the affair
great attentiveness to detail; fastidiousness
the quality of being precisea description of great particularity
the state or quality of being particular as opposed to general; individualitythe particularity of human situations
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