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/ pɑːts /

plural noun

  1. personal abilities or talents

    a man of many parts

  2. short for private parts

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Example Sentences

So, how do we achieve such equality in the U.S. and other parts of the world?

Even in the parts of the movement he does cover, some people and efforts are missing.

At the same time, the heaviest parts—the main fuselage, the engines and wings—sink to the bottom.

So he was saying: We have these perceptions on the parts of blacks and cops, and we need to deal with them.

Then they would go to a hotel afterwards and combine the parts they had remembered in one sketch.

This city stands upon almost two equal parts on each side the river that passes through.

Fortunately, the last crash had been passed without dislocating the parts of either sledge or rider.

Progress: an old term for the travelling of the sovereign to different parts of his country.

No man parts wis zat which is valuable, to strangers, wisout a proper honorarium.

Some writers have concluded that the plant served as a narcotic in some parts of Asia.


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