[ pahr-toor-ee-uhnt, -tyoor- ]
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  1. bearing or about to bear young; travailing.

  2. pertaining to parturition.

  1. bringing forth or about to produce something, as an idea.

Origin of parturient

1585–95; <Latin parturient- (stem of parturiēns) being in labor, literally, desiring to bring forth (present participle of parturīre to be about to give birth), equivalent to part(us) (past participle of parere to bring forth, bear) + -uri- desiderative suffix + -ent--ent

Other words from parturient

  • par·tu·ri·en·cy, noun
  • post·par·tu·ri·ent, adjective

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How to use parturient in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for parturient


/ (pɑːˈtjʊərɪənt) /

  1. of or relating to childbirth

  2. giving birth

  1. producing or about to produce a new idea, etc

Origin of parturient

C16: via Latin parturīre, from parere to bring forth

Derived forms of parturient

  • parturiency, noun

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