party girl

[ pahr-tee gurl ]


  1. a girl or woman who is interested in little else besides attending parties.
  2. a physically attractive young woman hired to attend parties and entertain men.
  3. Slang. a prostitute, porn performer, or other sex worker.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of party girl1

First recorded in 1905–10

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Example Sentences

Interviews with former friends, alleged victims and reporters on both sides of the Atlantic describe Maxwell as a party girl, a sophisticated connector, “a good actress,” a woman determined to live in ostentatious luxury.

From Time

Talia Eisenberg is a self-described former New York “party girl” who moved to Boulder Colorado to get healthy.

Elizabeth becomes the grade grinder, Marianna the party girl, and Howard the bully.

What she wrote was a masterpiece, not a party-girl manifesto.

We can spend our free time campaigning against sex trafficking, or be a drug-soaked party girl aping the lap dancers.

One persona was a highly sexualized “fun party girl” who was always smiling, happy, helpful and friendly.

She's got to be a lot more than a good party girl—or boy—though she's got to be that too.


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