paso doble

[ pah-soh doh-bley; Spanish pah-saw daw-ble ]
/ ˈpɑ soʊ ˈdoʊ bleɪ; Spanish ˈpɑ sɔ ˈdɔ βlɛ /
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noun, plural pa·so do·bles, Spanish pa·sos do·bles [pah-saws daw-bles]. /ˈpɑ sɔs ˈdɔ βlɛs/.
a quick, light march often played at bullfights.
a two-step, especially one done to Latin American rhythms.
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Origin of paso doble

First recorded in 1925–30; <Spanish: literally, double step

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British Dictionary definitions for paso doble

paso doble
/ (ˈpæsəʊ ˈdəʊbleɪ, Spanish ˈpaso ˈdoβle) /

noun plural paso dobles or pasos dobles (Spanish ˈpasos ˈdoβles)
a modern ballroom dance in fast duple time
a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance

Word Origin for paso doble

Spanish: double step
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