[ pas-kwuh-neyd ]
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  1. a satire or lampoon, especially one posted in a public place.

verb (used with object),pas·quin·ad·ed, pas·quin·ad·ing.
  1. to assail in a pasquinade or pasquinades.

Origin of pasquinade

First recorded in 1650–60; from French, from Italian pasquinata “lampoon, satire,” derivative of Italian Pasquino, supposedly the name of a local Roman schoolmaster (or tailor, or shoemaker, or barber) and the nickname given to a 3rd-century b.c. Roman statue that was unearthed in 1501 and was annually decorated and posted with verses + -ata feminine noun suffix; see origin at -ade1

Other words from pasquinade

  • pas·quin·ad·er, noun
  • pas·quin·i·an [pas-kwin-ee-uhn], /pæsˈkwɪn i ən/, adjective

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How to use pasquinade in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pasquinade


pasquil (ˈpæskwɪl)

/ (ˌpæskwɪˈneɪd) /

  1. an abusive lampoon or satire, esp one posted in a public place

verb-ades, -ading, -aded, -quils, -quilling or -quilled
  1. (tr) to ridicule with pasquinade

Origin of pasquinade

C17: from Italian Pasquino name given to an ancient Roman statue disinterred in 1501, which was annually posted with satirical verses

Derived forms of pasquinade

  • pasquinader, noun

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