pass off

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verb (adverb)
to be or cause to be accepted or circulated in a false character or identityhe passed the fake diamonds off as real
(intr) to come to a gradual end; disappeareventually the pain passed off
to emit (a substance) as a gas or vapour, or (of a substance) to be emitted in this way
(intr) to take placethe meeting passed off without disturbance
(tr) to set aside or disregardI managed to pass off his insult
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pass off


Misrepresent something or someone, as in They tried to pass off that piece of glass as a gemstone, or Bill passed her off as his sister. [Late 1700s] Also see palm off.


Be completed or carried out, take place, as in The meeting passed off without incident. [Late 1700s]

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