[ pash-uhn-lis ]
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  1. not feeling or moved by passion; cold or unemotional; calm or detached.

Origin of passionless

First recorded in 1605–15; passion + -less

Other words from passionless

  • pas·sion·less·ly, adverb
  • pas·sion·less·ness, noun

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How to use passionless in a sentence

  • He sought to widen the domain of pleasure and narrow that of pain, and regarded a passionless state of life as the highest.

  • His quiet, passionless voice sounded strange to me; his words seemed strange, too, each one heavily weighted with hidden meaning.

    In Search of the Unknown | Robert W. Chambers
  • "Then we are quits," she answered, in the listless, passionless voice that she seemed especially to affect.

    A Life Sentence | Adeline Sergeant
  • The old passionless serenity, in which the human had been crushed out by the intellectual, was gone forever.

    The New Tenant | E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • To bear what she had borne she must be a passionless woman; and she was glad of her present safety in thinking it.

British Dictionary definitions for passionless


/ (ˈpæʃənlɪs) /

  1. empty of emotion or feeling: a passionless marriage

  2. calm and detached; dispassionate

Derived forms of passionless

  • passionlessly, adverb
  • passionlessness, noun

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