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[ pas-iv-lee ]


  1. without emotion, reaction, or resistance:

    Shiloh passively watched the reactions of the crowd.

    At the start of the play, she passively accepts her wretched lot in life.

  2. without active participation:

    The walk signals can be activated manually with a push button or passively by means of a pedestrian detection system.

  3. in a way that indicates being affected by some action, external force, or cause:

    The patient reports significant pain when the shoulders and pelvis are rotated passively in the same plane.

  4. in a way that does not involve machinery or electronic devices:

    The building is on stilts, allowing air to circulate freely underneath, thereby passively cooling the living areas.

    Deciduous trees are ideal because they drop their leaves in winter, when you want sunlight to passively heat your home.

  5. Grammar. using the passive voice, indicating that the subject undergoes the action of the verb:

    The sentence was worded passively to avoid blaming anyone by name.

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Other Words From

  • qua·si-pas·sive·ly adverb
  • sem·i·pas·sive·ly adverb
  • un·pas·sive·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Nearly 60 percent of the higher-education institutions polled in April by the nonprofit group Educause said they were using or considering “passive video surveillance of students” during exams.

If he doesn’t agree with them, then it’s actually to your husband’s credit that he won’t adopt your methods — though resistance so passive can make someone stricter out of frustration.

They recognize that by making it more challenging for consumers, they will likely be passive and accept cookies or not prevent their data from being sold.

The HomePod Mini is wrapped in fabric and has a single driver inside as well as two passive radiators and a sound guide.

If you want to go for passive investing, there are nearly endless options for ETFs that focus on issues ranging from diversity in the management ranks to emissions to social equality.

From Fortune

All while the international community observed, if not passively, impotently.

For some of these kids, video games are a way to passively experience the shock and awe of combat.

Sure, it was phrased passively, and sure, it came at the end of the address.

But Tehran has rarely been content with passively benefitting from these crises.

But Mrs. M is capable of doing much more than just passively standing by her man in his moment of crisis.

Being the hereditary Datto, the inhabitants of the valley generally sympathized with him, at least passively.

And Val, in his good-nature, bore the infliction passively so long as she kept civil and peaceable.

He went with me passively enough, and he did not speak until we had struck into the main trail of the Shawnees.

The two sentries at the gate stood to arms passively, and there seemed to be a continuous circulation inside and out.

She gave it up to him, passively, but when he offered her his arm, merely shook her head and pursed up her lips.


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