patent log

[ pat-nt lawg, log ]

  1. any of various devices for determining the speed of a ship by means of a vaned rotor streamed at the end of a logline upon which it exerts a torsion transmitted to a registering device on board.

Origin of patent log

First recorded in 1875–80
  • Also called screw log [skroo-lawg, log]. /ˈskru ˌlɔg, ˌlɒg/.

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How to use patent log in a sentence

  • The dial of the patent log tinkled periodically in the dark at the end of the ship.

    End of the Tether | Joseph Conrad
  • The ocean was all right, and so was the patent log; as for speed, one saw it with his own eyes.

  • "Well, come and see me set the patent log," said Captain Whitby.

  • And after consultation with a signal boy, who came aft to read the patent log, we found that we were heading for that island.

    A Gunner Aboard the "Yankee" | Russell Doubleday
  • The mechanism of the patent log hummed and clicked more obtrusively.

    Alias The Lone Wolf | Louis Joseph Vance

British Dictionary definitions for patent log

patent log

  1. nautical any of several mechanical devices for measuring the speed of a vessel and the distance travelled, consisting typically of a trailing rotor that registers its rotations on a meter: Compare chip log

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