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/ ˈpeɪtəntlɪ /


  1. obviously

    he was patently bored

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Example Sentences

Constand claimed that the accusation was patently false, and demanded $150,000 in damages from the tabloid and attorney.

He also says Rahall made millions off that “coal-killing” legislation, which is patently false.

But his next statement—“President not informed”—was patently false, as several individuals in the room were well aware.

“Again, Mr. Carney, you are again saying facts that are patently false,” McCain replied.

However, telling them they could have shut up and put up is patently unfair.

Yet the man had been frank, straightforward, patently honest.

Sheridan cried with gusto, drawing in a deep breath and patently finding it delicious.

Many a man who has an upright nature and a good disposition fails to show these facts patently to the casual observer.

"So you see it's all up," continued he, with a curious air of bravado, patently insincere.

William Grove Lee liked negatively; there was, patently, nothing in him to create an active response.





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