[ puh-tur-nl ]
/ pəˈtɜr nl /


characteristic of or befitting a father; fatherly: a kind and paternal reprimand.
of or relating to a father.
related on the father's side: one's paternal grandfather.
derived or inherited from a father: paternal traits.

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Origin of paternal

1400–50; late Middle English < Late Latin paternālis, equivalent to Latin patern(us) paternal (pater father + -nus adj. suffix) + -ālis -al1

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British Dictionary definitions for paternal


/ (pəˈtɜːnəl) /


relating to or characteristic of a father, esp in showing affection, encouragement, etc; fatherly
(prenominal) related through the fatherhis paternal grandfather
inherited or derived from the male parent
Derived Formspaternally, adverb

Word Origin for paternal

C17: from Late Latin paternālis, from Latin pater father

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Word Origin and History for paternal



early 15c., from Old French paternal "of a father" (12c.), from Medieval Latin paternalis, from Latin paternus "of a father, fatherly," from pater (see father (n.)).

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Medicine definitions for paternal


[ pə-tûrnəl ]


Relating to or characteristic of a father or fatherhood.
Received or inherited from a father.
Related through one's father.

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