[ pey-ter-nos-ter, pah‐, pat-er‐ ]
/ ˈpeɪ tərˈnɒs tər, ˈpɑ‐, ˈpæt ər‐ /
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(often initial capital letter)Also Pater Noster. the Lord's Prayer, especially in the Latin form.
a recitation of this prayer as an act of worship.
one of certain beads in a rosary, regularly every 11th bead, differing in size or material from the rest and indicating that the Lord's Prayer is to be said.
any fixed recital of words used as a prayer or magical charm.
a doorless, continuously moving elevator for passengers or goods, having numerous platforms or compartments that rise or descend on a moving chain.
(initial capital letter)Architecture. pearl molding.



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Origin of paternoster

before 1000; Middle English, Old English: Lord's prayer <Latin pater noster our father, its first two words in the Vulgate (Matthew VI: 9
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British Dictionary definitions for paternoster (1 of 2)

/ (ˌpætəˈnɒstə) /


RC Church the beads at the ends of each decade of the rosary marking the points at which the Paternoster is recited
any fixed form of words used as a prayer or charm
Also called: paternoster line a type of fishing tackle in which short lines and hooks are attached at intervals to the main line
a type of lift in which platforms are attached to continuous chains. The lift does not stop at each floor but passengers enter while it is moving
Latin, literally: our father (from the opening of the Lord's Prayer)

British Dictionary definitions for paternoster (2 of 2)

/ (ˌpætəˈnɒstə) /

noun (sometimes not capital) RC Church

the Lord's Prayer, esp in Latin
the recital of this as an act of devotion
see paternoster
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