1. In the Old Testament , the “founding fathers” of the Israelites : Abraham and Isaac , Jacob , and the sons of Jacob. ( See Joseph and his brothers .)

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Example Sentences

Nor has Dick ever been one of those heavy-handed patriarchs who bangs his fist on the table and demands that everyone get along.

As the great commentator, the Ramban, teaches, “everything that happened to the Patriarchs is a portent for the children.”

They are supposed to be the varieties which were propagated by the patriarchs and their descendants, the Jewish race.

Perhaps the Patriarchs own statement of the case, as made to the writer, gives as good a defence for the custom as can be made.

The Patriarchs body was treated with the grossest indignity—stripped, and flung out into the street.

"One of the Patriarchs, I suppose you mean," replied Fanny, smiling.

In the Kalevala we meet with no kings, but only patriarchs, or chiefs of clans.


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