a woman who owns or manages a hotel, restaurant, or bar

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Examples from the Web for patronne

Historical Examples of patronne

  • "You have droll friends," remarked the patronne continuing her litany.

    The Belovd Vagabond

    William J. Locke

  • "They are for des messieurs—for gentlemen," said the patronne diffidently.

    The Belovd Vagabond

    William J. Locke

  • After lunch the patronne offered to show us some of the hotel rooms.

    Europe from a Motor Car

    Russell Richardson

  • And Ste. Geneviève was the patronne of the virgins as well as of the city of Paris.

    Mlle. Fouchette

    Charles Theodore Murray

  • The patronne is a motherly creature with half a dozen of her own brood.

    In the Day of Adversity

    John Bloundelle-Burton