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  1. (of family names) derived from the name of a father or ancestor, especially by the addition of a suffix or prefix indicating descent.
  2. (of a suffix or prefix) indicating descent.
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  1. a patronymic name, as Williamson (son of William) or Macdonald (son of Donald).
  2. a family name; surname.
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Origin of patronymic

1605–15; < Late Latin patrōnymicus < Greek patrōnymikós equivalent to patrṓnym(os) patronymic (see patri-, -onym) + -ikos -ic
Related formspat·ro·nym·i·cal·ly, adverb
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term, brand, style, label, flag, signature, sign, nickname, surname, head, tag, rubric, moniker, cognomen, agnomen, pseudonym, appellation, handle, epithet, denomination

Examples from the Web for patronymic

Historical Examples of patronymic

  • We have the diminutive in Mappin and the patronymic in Mapleson.

    The Romance of Names

    Ernest Weekley

  • Or were these separate creations of the patronymic, some English, some Gaelic?

    Records of a Family of Engineers

    Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Nevil, you are a preux of the times of my brother's patronymic.

  • Serfs were not addressed with their patronymic by their superiors.

    A Nobleman's Nest

    Ivan Turgenieff

  • The women do get so savage when you leave a fellow's patronymic vague.

    Miss Hildreth, Volume 1 of 3

    Augusta de Grasse Stevens

British Dictionary definitions for patronymic


  1. (of a name) derived from the name of its bearer's father or ancestor. In Western cultures, many surnames are patronymic in origin, as for example Irish names beginning with O' and English names ending with -son; in other cultures, such as Russian, a special patronymic name is used in addition to the surname
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  1. a patronymic name
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Word Origin for patronymic

C17: via Late Latin from Greek patronumikos, from patēr father + onoma name
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Word Origin and History for patronymic


1610s, from Late Latin patronymicum, from neuter of patronymicus "derived from a father's name," from patronymos "named from the father," from pater (genitive patros) "father" (see father (n.)) + onyma "name," Aeolic dialectal variant of onoma "name" (see name (n.)). As an adjective from 1660s.

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