Paul II


  1. ( Pietro Barbo ) 1417–71, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1464–71.

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Example Sentences

He has put flowers on the tomb of John Paul II,” said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, “I think that is enough.

But his motives for shooting John Paul II have remained a mystery shrouded in multiple conspiracy theories.

John Paul II told the European Union at the time that it was “a beacon of civilization.”

In 1996, John Paul II called the Big Bang theory “more than a hypothesis.”

Not only was he known as one of the blessed Polish priests who Pope John Paul II ordained before he became pope.

Paul II was a virtuoso in objects of art and increased the grandeur of the papal court.

In forbidding the decoration and sale of these in 1471, Paul II.

The great offices in church were treated as matters of much importance by the pomp-loving Paul II.

Nothing seemed more dreadful than the fate reserved for Paul II.





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