[pav-loh-vee-uh n, -law-, -lov-ee-]
  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of Pavlov or his work, especially of experiments in which he elicited predictable responses from laboratory animals.

Origin of Pavlovian

First recorded in 1925–30; Pavlov + -ian Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  1. of or relating to the work of Ivan Pavlov
  2. (of a reaction or response) automatic; involuntary
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1931, from the theories, experiments, and methods of Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936), especially in connection with the salivary reflexes of dogs in response to mental stimulus of the sound of a bell (attested from 1911, in Pavloff [sic] method).

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