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pay down


  1. adverb to pay (a sum of money) at the time of purchase as the first of a series of instalments

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Example Sentences

They would apply for and receive low-spending-limit cards, make a few small purchases and pay down the balance.

I spent years on an excruciatingly tight budget, using every freelance check I got to pay down a little more principle.

It used those funds to pay down the loans it took from the Fed.

Over time, the two Maiden Lane entities used the cash raised from interest payments and asset sales to pay down the debt.

He should detail a balanced bipartisan plan to pay down the deficit and debt—this matters to independents and swing voters.

They pay down a certain sum, as caution-money, to some mandarin, and the latter answers for them.

And when he was unable to do that, Hipparchus would not pay down his silver, until he could make further inquiry.

There is nothing that looks so respectable as being able to pay down, say, ten thousand pounds, when you are called upon.

I offered him any money in reason, I would pay any sum they might fix, pay down on the nail and give my bond for the rest.

It is only a home for those who can pay down for their accommodation.





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