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[ pey-uh-buhl ]


  1. to be paid; due:

    a loan payable in 30 days.

  2. capable of being or liable to be paid.
  3. Law. imposing an immediate obligation on the debtor.


  1. an amount, bill, etc., that is to be paid.
  2. payables, the accounts payable of a business:

    Payables are now handled by our computer.


/ ˈpeɪəbəl /


  1. often foll by on to be paid

    payable on the third of each month

  2. that is capable of being paid
  3. capable of being profitable
  4. (of a debt) imposing an obligation on the debtor to pay, esp at once

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Other Words From

  • paya·bili·ty paya·ble·ness noun
  • paya·bly adverb
  • un·paya·ble adjective
  • un·paya·bly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of payable1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; pay 1, -able
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Example Sentences

Treasury can announce it is issuing T-bonds “payable at the pleasure of the United States” instead of a fixed term and can hold an auction later the same day.

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The first half of that will be coming in the form of stock when the deal officially closes, and the remainder will be payable in cash or stock in two years.

They have a woman who runs accounts payable and another who runs accounts receivable.

The taxes whether public, county, or parish, were payable in tobacco.

The dividends were held to be accretions to the capital, and the income only was payable to the daughter for life.

Regarding that little loan of mine, 'payable on demand,' I have considered the matter well.

A note that is payable on a contingency is not negotiable, and the happening of the event does not cure the defect.

Furthermore, a note is payable on demand when it is thus stated, or is payable at sight or on presentation.


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