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  1. John Howard, 1791–1852, U.S. actor and dramatist.

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Example Sentences

He noted that picking one of Payne or Allen and starting him alongside backup linemen Tim Settle or Matt Ioannidis would be an affordable option that still kept Washington strong up the middle.

Washington could prioritize him over Payne, and if it makes a serious effort to re-sign him, the future is up to him.

Washington could wait at least a year before making a decision — giving the newly revamped front office another full season to evaluate Payne, Sweat and Young.

The team would seem to have time to make their remaining long-term decisions — Payne would be a free agent after 2022, and if their options are picked up, Montez Sweat after 2023 and Chase Young after 2024 — but each move is connected.

Kerrigan works the edge on the back side, Payne works from the A gap to the B gap, leaving A wide open.

His fiancée, Natasha Folley, says she and the children are happy that Payne is back.

Unlike Payne, Kromah continues to struggle to be accepted in his community and does not know when the stigmatization will end.

In California, Payne found transgender friends and became an advocate within the community.

After Payne told them she was a girl, “They just wanted their cupcakes.”

Payne agreed, saying she finally feels like her body matches what she knows to be true—that she is a woman.

These marked the river hollow, and Payne, knowing that the chase might be ended in a few more minutes, did not spare the spur.

In another minute, it dipped into a hollow, and Corporal Payne smiled grimly.

So spying of Payne in a gully, I went into him, and there staid, thinking to have gone to Chelsy with them.

Rawlinson estimates it at two thousand, and Dean Payne Smith at three thousand.

But she was in such distress that she had thought she must tell Maud about Lubbock and Payne.





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