[ pees-tahym ]


  1. a time times or period of peace:

    a large navy even in peacetime.


  1. of or for such a period:

    peacetime uses of atomic energy.


/ ˈpiːsˌtaɪm /


    1. a period without war; time of peace
    2. ( as modifier )

      a peacetime agreement

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Word History and Origins

Origin of peacetime1

First recorded in 1545–55; peace + time

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Example Sentences

In return, the Department of Defense doles out peacetime airlift contracts to these airlines, running into tens of millions of dollars per year.

From Quartz

It’s really the worst peacetime recession in history since the Great Depression.

From Ozy

In more peacetime settings, transports that could launch durable scout aircraft could fly to the site of a natural disaster, and then use the drone to see if there is a viable landing area below.

He imagined a megafactory that “companies could use in peacetime” but that could be quickly reoriented to churn out shots during the next pandemic.

They sought to consolidate territorial gains, annex additional lands and insist on America’s “neutral rights” to trade in wartime or peacetime.

Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance is a different sound for you.

Which is more than can be said during peace, witness peacetime politics.

The Cold War provided justification for a larger peacetime military, since we were never really at peace, or so the argument went.

Nonetheless, FDR drummed up just enough support in the summer of 1940 to institute the first peacetime draft in American history.

At the same time, the Allies realized that their fellow wartime ally, the Soviet Union, would soon become their peacetime enemy.

Following the war Virginia returned to its two great peacetime interests—trade and expansion.

Bikini in 1946 was the scene of the first peacetime tests of atomic weapons.

The France to which tourists will come after the war will not be the France which peacetime visitors knew.

In peacetime, absolute accountability is required, because dollar economy in operations is a main object.

This is a process which must be mastered in peacetime, if it is to stand the multiplied strains of war.





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