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  1. Charles Will·son [wil, -s, uh, n], 1741–1827, and his brother James, 1749–1831, U.S. painters.
  2. Norman Vincent, 1898–1993, U.S. Protestant clergyman and author.
  3. Raph·a·elle [raf, -ey-el, -ee-el, rey, -fee-], 1774–1825, and his brother Rem·brandt [rem, -brant], 1778–1860, U.S. painters (sons of Charles Willson Peale).

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Example Sentences

Peale officially retired as director of the museum in 1810, but had his hand in museum affairs for the next 17 years, until he was laid to rest at age 85.

Peale also painted portraits of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton.

It was a culture nibbling on the genial jingoism of Norman Vincent Peale and being made somewhat uncomfortable by Adlai Stevenson.

Peale's most famous portrait is his painting of George Washington, clothed in the military garb of a colonel.

Peale clambered to his feet in sulky submission and did as he was told.

I would that Mr. Peale had painted her in her girlhood as a type of our Maryland lady of quality.

Mr. Peale's best skill would be none too great for the painting of any picture that should do her justice.

As we rounded the island, a beautiful bird of the species called Peale's Egret came up, and was shot.