/ (ˈpɜːlə) /

  1. a person who dives for or trades in pearls

  2. a boat used while searching for pearls

  1. Australian informal something impressive: that shot was a real pearler

  1. Australian informal excellent; pleasing

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How to use pearler in a sentence

  • The ship, which I concluded was a pearler, kept steadily on her way, and eventually disappeared below the horizon.

  • As soon as they separated, I accosted the pearler, and offered my services.

    In Strange Company | Guy Boothby
  • The ordinary pearler would have discovered it only by the greatest good luck.

    The Pagan Madonna | Harold MacGrath
  • Although I describe him as a Dutch pearler I am somewhat uncertain as to his exact nationality.

  • After a while the pearler seemed to recollect business elsewhere; he drank up his liquor, and went out, leaving us together.

    In Strange Company | Guy Boothby