pecuniary advantage

  1. law financial advantage that is dishonestly obtained by deception and that constitutes a criminal offence

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How to use pecuniary advantage in a sentence

  • Besides the pecuniary advantage, the improvement in the character of the people has been remarkable.

  • These are styled honorary members, and have no pecuniary advantage from their connection with the institution.

  • He feels stronger and more independent on this account, all pecuniary advantage out of the question.

    Cottage Economy | William Cobbett
  • All local influence centers in schemes whereby the Park can be used for pecuniary advantage.

    The Yellowstone National Park | Hiram Martin Chittenden
  • Their patriotism is nothing more nor less than a sure and certain hope of pecuniary advantage.

    Ireland as It Is | Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)