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[ ped-ler ]


  1. a person who sells from door to door or in the street.
  2. a person who tries to promote some cause, candidate, viewpoint, etc.


/ ˈpɛdlə /


  1. a person who sells illegal drugs, esp narcotics
  2. the usual US spelling of pedlar

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Word History and Origins

Origin of peddler1

1350–1400; Middle English pedlere, unexplained variant of peder, derivative of ped ( de ) basket
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Example Sentences

Some sites, like the Denver Guardian or the National Vaccine Information Center, rely on legitimate-sounding names to convey authority despite being known peddlers of disinformation and false news, he explained.

Often, peddlers of false info rely on a small nugget of truth to help support their claims.

Online peddlers of misinformation often exploit a data void, telling people to search for specific terms that they know will lead to results that promote what they’re trying to say.

At the start of the game, we find him selling watches out of his coat pockets to various pedestrians on the street like a peddler of illicit goods.

This is also what disinformation peddlers seek to capture when they create salacious content to share on social media.

From Time

Legal rum from Cuba seems to be one possibility, though the idea of becoming a legitimate liquor peddler hardly brings any heat.

Mandelbaum began her climb to the top of the crime world as a peddler on the rough-and-tumble, bustling streets of New York City.

Supporters of conspiracy peddler Alex Jones are FURIOUS that I dared to note his dismissal of the Apollo 11 mission.

But still: the move from governor to green-peddler is significant.

According to tradition, the typical Yankee peddler was thought to be so shrewd that he could carve and sell counterfeit nutmegs.

Fifty pistols lighted the scene, and the bullets whistled in every direction around the head of the devoted peddler.

Katy, turning her face, saw the peddler himself standing within the door of the room.

Disregarding all but the fact that his father still lived, the peddler stole gently into the room of his dying parent.

A noise in the adjoining room interrupted the dying man, and the impatient peddler hastened to learn the cause.

The door was opened and the Skinners entered, dragging the peddler, bending beneath the load of his pack.


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