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[ ped-ling ]


  1. trifling; paltry; piddling.

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Other Words From

  • peddling·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of peddling1

First recorded in 1590–1600; peddle + -ing 2

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Example Sentences

Publix and DeSantis quickly denied any involvement in public-health influence-peddling, but local journalists stayed on the story.

Talk Radio Network was the house that wingnuts built, with its on-air talent peddling radical views.

By WWII, Lemkin had been peddling his ideas on genocide for more than a decade.

But they keep peddling them like a costermonger selling rotten fruit.

But Green-Wood is more famous for its nefarious residents, those of the drug-peddling, political-swindling, hit-men variety.

For seafood try Clamman in Southhampton, proudly peddling tuna, bass, scallops, and squid all caught by local fishermen.

Whatever we are to expect at the hands of children, it should not be any peddling exactitude about matters of fact.

Ive traded and sold everything from a thousand cattle to peddling collar-buttons at the Queens Jubilee.

The stringent laws of the old rgime had crowded that unfortunate people out of all occupations but two—peddling and money-lending.

Peddling had been forced on the latter by the action of the gilds which were still powerful in the 18th century on the Continent.

What I 'm to do with you, with your little peddling knowledge of a score of things, I can't imagine.