[ ped-n ]
/ ˈpɛd n /


a three-dimensional sample of a soil just large enough to show the characteristics of all its horizons.


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Example sentences from the Web for pedon

  • "Parallelepiped" is from the Greek parallelos (parallel) and epipedon (a plane surface), from epi (on) and pedon (ground).

    The Teaching of Geometry|David Eugene Smith
  • Benedictus, a civil officer of some kind in the City of Pedon, guardianship of his children assigned to Theriolus, i. 36.

    The Letters of Cassiodorus|Cassiodorus (AKA Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator)

Scientific definitions for pedon

[ pĕdən ]

The smallest unit or volume of soil that contains all the soil horizons of a particular soil type. It usually has a surface area of approximately 1 sq m (10.76 sq ft) and extends from the ground surface down to bedrock.
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