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a wedgelike, spherical, or other striking end of a hammer head opposite the face.
verb (used with object)
to enlarge, straighten, or smooth with a peen.
to strengthen (a metal surface) by light hammering or by bombardment with steel balls or shot.
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Origin of peen

1505–15; earlier pen<Scandinavian; compare Swedish, Norwegian pen (noun) in same sense (perhaps <German Pinne peen). See pin
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What does peen mean?

A peen is the round or wedge shaped end of a hammer, opposite its face.

To peen is to enlarge, straighten, or smooth with a peen, as in Sahid smoothed the cut edge by peening it with a ball peen hammer.

To peen is also to strengthen by lightly hammering it, as in In metal shop, we peened scrap pieces to learn how to strengthen metal.

Example: Peen the bottom to give it a textured finish.

Where does peen come from?

The first records of the term peen come from the early 1500s. It is thought to have been borrowed from early Scandinavian. It is similar in origin to the term pen and pin.

The peen of a hammer comes in different shapes, such as a ball, wedge, and cross. Peens are almost always attached to hammers and rarely are seen on their own, but there are some specialized tools used only for peening something. Especially when using a flat or ball peen, the goal is to flatten or smooth out bumps, as well as to texture or dent something.

Occasionally, peen can be used as a verb meaning to hammer lightly, not necessarily with the peen, but with the face. Sometimes, peen is misused as vulgar slang for penis.

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How is peen used in real life?

Peen is not commonly used, normally used in the context of construction, demolition, or mechanics.

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The hammer fell peen first into the flimsy box.

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British Dictionary definitions for peen

/ (piːn) /

the end of a hammer head opposite the striking face, often rounded or wedge-shaped
(tr) to strike with the peen of a hammer or with a stream of metal shot in order to bend or shape (a sheet of metal)

Word Origin for peen

C17: variant of pane, perhaps from French panne, ultimately from Latin pinna point
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