[ peev ]
/ piv /

verb (used with object), peeved, peev·ing.

to render peevish; annoy.


a source of annoyance or irritation: Tardiness is one of my greatest peeves.
an annoyed or irritated mood: to be in a peeve.

Origin of peeve

1905–10, Americanism; back formation from peevish Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

Example sentences from the Web for peeve

  • Paste this, Fuscus, in your hat:Not a pesky thing can peeve me.

    A line-o'-verse or two|Bert Leston Taylor
  • Of course I know you don't mean it—you're simply hot and tired, and trying to work off your peeve on me.

    Main Street|Sinclair Lewis
  • Brickbats mingle with bouquetsShied at my devoted cranium.Does it peeve yours truly?

    A line-o'-verse or two|Bert Leston Taylor

British Dictionary definitions for peeve

/ (piːv) informal /


(tr) to irritate; vex; annoy


something that irritates; vexationit was a pet peeve of his

Derived forms of peeve

peeved, adjective

Word Origin for peeve

C20: back formation from peevish
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