[ pegd ]
/ pɛgd /
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expected to do or be something, based on an assumption or stereotype or past behavior (followed by for or an infinitive):The son of a wealthy businessman, he was pegged to follow in his father’s footsteps.This was a team pegged for greatness before they even set foot on the practice field.
identified or labeled (followed by as):Once you’re pegged as a manipulator, word will spread; count on it.
estimated, calculated, or generally considered to be of a certain value, size, time, etc. (followed by at):Another stimulus package, pegged at $200 million, is now being debated in the Senate.France's Jewish community was then one of the largest in Europe, pegged at around 500,000.
attached to a certain variable or standard as a measure of value:Saudi Arabia's currency is pegged to that of the United States.
fixed or assigned:The new smartphone will be out soon, with May 29th pegged as its release date.The professor pegged to moderate our debate emailed us all a week in advance.



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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.

Idioms for pegged

    have (got) someone or something pegged, to have figured out the true nature of a person or thing:Apart from that one overreaching comment, I admit you've pretty much got me pegged.

Origin of pegged

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