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  1. expected to do or be something, based on an assumption or stereotype or past behavior (followed by for or an infinitive):The son of a wealthy businessman, he was pegged to follow in his father’s footsteps.This was a team pegged for greatness before they even set foot on the practice field.

  2. identified or labeled (followed by as):Once you’re pegged as a manipulator, word will spread; count on it.

  1. estimated, calculated, or generally considered to be of a certain value, size, time, etc. (followed by at):Another stimulus package, pegged at $200 million, is now being debated in the Senate.France's Jewish community was then one of the largest in Europe, pegged at around 500,000.

  2. attached to a certain variable or standard as a measure of value:Saudi Arabia's currency is pegged to that of the United States.

  3. fixed or assigned:The new smartphone will be out soon, with May 29th pegged as its release date.The professor pegged to moderate our debate emailed us all a week in advance.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of peg.

Idioms about pegged

  1. have (got) someone or something pegged, to have figured out the true nature of a person or thing:Apart from that one overreaching comment, I admit you've pretty much got me pegged.

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