/ (ˈpiːlɪˌæs) /

  1. Greek myth a son of Poseidon and Tyro. He feared his nephew Jason and sent him to recover the Golden Fleece, hoping he would not return

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How to use Pelias in a sentence

  • Even Pelias, as he watched the voyagers sail away, wished that he had sent the daring youth on a still more perilous journey.

  • Trembling, but striving to hide his fear, Pelias spoke to the stranger and asked him his name.

  • Pelias was a great breeder of sheep and lived in Iolcus, but the other lived in Pylos.

    The Odyssey | Homer
  • And now Pelias would have Jason fetch the fleece of gold as belonging of right to his own house.

    Stories of the Old world | Alfred John Church
  • Then he strode on toward the palace of Pelias his uncle, while all the people wondered at the stranger.