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Peltier effect

noun Physics.
  1. the change in temperature of either junction of a thermocouple when a current is maintained in the thermocouple and after allowance is made for a temperature change due to resistance.
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Origin of Peltier effect

1855–60; named after Jean C. A. Peltier (1785–1845), French physicist who discovered it
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British Dictionary definitions for peltier effect

Peltier effect

  1. physics the production of heat at one junction and the absorption of heat at the other junction of a thermocouple when a current is passed around the thermocouple circuit. The heat produced is additional to the heat arising from the resistance of the wiresCompare Seebeck effect
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Word Origin for Peltier effect

C19: named after Jean Peltier (1785–1845), French physicist, who discovered it
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