[ pen-ee-wurt, -wawrt ]

  1. any of several plants having round or roundish leaves, as the navelwort.

Origin of pennywort

First recorded in 1275–1325, pennywort is from the Middle English word penywort.See penny, wort2

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How to use pennywort in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pennywort


/ (ˈpɛnɪˌwɜːt) /

  1. Also called: navelwort a crassulaceous Eurasian rock plant, Umbilicus rupestris (or Cotyledon umbilicus), with whitish-green tubular flowers and rounded leaves

  2. a marsh plant, Hydrocotyle vulgaris, of Europe and North Africa, having circular leaves and greenish-pink flowers: family Hydrocotylaceae

  1. a gentianaceous plant, Obolaria virginica, of E North America, with fleshy scalelike leaves and small white or purplish flowers

  2. any of various other plants with rounded penny-like leaves

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