pension fund


  1. a fund created and maintained, as by a corporation, to provide benefits under a pension plan.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pension fund1

First recorded in 1865–70

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Example Sentences

Mutual funds and pension funds grew in significance as forms in which people invested across larger numbers of companies, but those still tended to be domestic rather than foreign firms.

From Time

The heightened scrutiny should mark a new era in which pension fund officials exercise “enhanced oversight” over the Wall Street firms managing their retirement funds, Kasargod-Staub said.

Kind says that it’s especially powerful to couple your personal change with taking action in divestment campaigns targeting government and institutional pension funds, which have the potential to have a much larger impact.

Bry said the pension fund should be the real target of such a policy.

Among other things, that lower assumption is indirectly responsible for teachers, school districts and the state of Texas having to increase their future contributions to the pension fund to avoid the fund having to slash future benefits.

The pension fund, the union declared, had fallen victim to “a Wall Street coup.”

Prince Charles has made another of his famous "meddling" speeches, this time calling for reform of the pension fund industry.

All because he didn't have to put $1 an hour towards the pension fund's unfunded liability.

What was a surprise was the state of its pension fund, which was disastrously underfunded.

But you may have a sibling whose pension fund has not collapsed, or a spouse.

The police sold it for the benefit of the Pension Fund, and the profits were duly paid over by him to the fund in question.

He went to law; but the end of it was that he paid the money, which was handed over to the pension fund instituted by him.

He put wan man on th' polis pension fund with a bullet through his thigh.

There was also a pension fund in the service, the present value of which it is difficult to estimate.

Of all my work of a philanthropic character, my private pension fund gives me the highest and noblest return.


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