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[ per-kuhs-iv ]


  1. of, relating to, or characterized by percussion.

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Other Words From

  • per·cussive·ly adverb
  • per·cussive·ness noun
  • nonper·cussive adjective
  • unper·cussive adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of percussive1

First recorded in 1785–95; percuss(ion) + -ive
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Example Sentences

Others offer percussive massage, working out deep muscle knots, as tight muscles may just need heat and vibration to stimulate blood flow.

There are several diverse types of massage, like rolling, percussive, compression, vibration, and water massage.

If you want percussive therapy and deep tissue massage at the tip of your fingers, investing in massage guns is the way to go.

It analyzes the current condition of your muscle and responds by giving the exact percussive strength you need.

He moves closer to it, drawn by soft, percussive notes being played on an instrument he doesn’t recognize.

From Time

The missiles took flight with a high-pitched whine and landed with a percussive boom.

Their principle, modified to suit work of another character, is seen in percussive rock drills, such as the Ingersoll Sergeant.

How pleasantly percussive to the brain; and how even the teeth partake of the sensation!

So far as dependence upon percussive detonation is concerned there is practically no difficulty.

It turned hard, and the lock finally yielded with a percussive snap.

Presently percussive noises were heard on the parchment, resembling the dropping of grains of sand on its surface.





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