peregrine falcon

  1. a globally distributed falcon, Falco peregrinus, much used in falconry because of its swift flight: several subspecies are endangered.

Origin of peregrine falcon

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400

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How to use peregrine falcon in a sentence

  • Of the migratory birds of prey the kestrel is perhaps the first to arrive; the osprey and the peregrine falcon are among the last.

  • A peregrine falcon, from the wild, rocky coast to the west, came sailing on wide-reaching wings across the April sky.

    Creatures of the Night | Alfred W. Rees
  • The peregrine falcon (F. peregrīnus) is not so large as the jerfalcon, but more graceful in shape.

  • This bird is much larger than the peregrine falcon, and, indeed, is very little less than the great gerfalcon itself.

    Bible Animals; | J. G. Wood
  • Let me now give a brief account of hawking with the Bhairi, or peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus).

    Jungle Folk | Douglas Dewar

British Dictionary definitions for peregrine falcon

peregrine falcon

  1. a falcon, Falco peregrinus, occurring in most parts of the world, having a dark plumage on the back and wings and lighter underparts: See also duck hawk

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