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[ puh-remp-tawr-i-lee ]


  1. in a way that leaves no opportunity for denial or refusal:

    They had barely arrived when they were peremptorily ordered by a no-nonsense state policeman to turn around and leave the area immediately.

  2. in an assertive or imperious way:

    His mother had tried to impose strict rules of behavior on the teen, but he told her peremptorily, "Hands off my life; I’ll live it however I want!"

  3. Law. in an absolute or unconditional way; in a decisive way that does not admit of debate or question:

    According to Article V, if two-thirds of states apply for a convention to propose a constitutional amendment, Congress is peremptorily required to call one.

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Other Words From

  • o·ver·per·emp·tor·i·ly adverb
  • un·per·emp·tor·i·ly adverb
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Example Sentences

The EO is like others in that it is limited to what a president can peremptorily force federal agencies to do — and that really isn’t very much, practically speaking.

The feeling of uneasiness which he had peremptorily dismissed stole over him once more.

Peremptorily the steel magnates refused to continue the sliding scale previously agreed upon as a guarantee of peace.

We scarcely deserve sympathy, if we peremptorily refuse advice, bearing upon our elevation.

The will to live leaps into being peremptorily, more compelling and imperative at the implied challenge.

Several times, as though to tease him, she came back to this question, but each time peremptorily he refused to discuss it.


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