[ puh-remp-tawr-i-lee ]
/ pəˌrɛmpˈtɔr ɪ li /
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in a way that leaves no opportunity for denial or refusal: They had barely arrived when they were peremptorily ordered by a no-nonsense state policeman to turn around and leave the area immediately.
in an assertive or imperious way: His mother had tried to impose strict rules of behavior on the teen, but he told her peremptorily, "Hands off my life; I’ll live it however I want!"
Law. in an absolute or unconditional way; in a decisive way that does not admit of debate or question: According to Article V, if two-thirds of states apply for a convention to propose a constitutional amendment, Congress is peremptorily required to call one.
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o·ver·per·emp·tor·i·ly, adverbun·per·emp·tor·i·ly, adverb
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