or Per·ez

[ per-its; Yiddish. pe-rets ]


  1. I(saac) L(oeb) or Yitz·chok Lei·bush [yits, -, kh, awk , ley, -b, oo, sh], 1852–1915, Polish author: writer of plays, poems, and short stories in Yiddish.

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Example Sentences

Not much, says Marty Peretz, other than the heroic efforts of John Kerry to broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

After another former general led Labor to defeat in 2003, the party selected trade unionist Amir Peretz before the 2006 elections.

In third spot is Amir Peretz, former chairman of the Histadrut, the giant labor federation.

But Peretz has been at odds with the Democratic establishment on some issues, especially in foreign policy.

It faced a problem under owner Marty Peretz during the 2000 campaign, because Peretz was so close to Al Gore.

Peretz is one of the literary masters of to-day, but he writes in Yiddish, so the world misses his greatness.

In his first reply Reb Peretz took care to appear oscillating.

His example was followed by his patron Abraham Peretz, who had been ruined in the War of 1812 by military contracts.

Reb Peretz concluded the reading of Reb Feive's letter by good naturedly calling him "foolish melamed."

As to Peretz's daughter, the notion of her assenting to marry him again seemed preposterous.