perfect rhyme

  1. rhyme of two words spelled or pronounced identically but differing in meaning, as rain, reign; rich rhyme.

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How to use perfect rhyme in a sentence

  • I will rhyme it as I run along, and when I hesitate and can not make good sense and a perfect rhyme, well go to sleep.

    Tessa Wadsworth's Discipline | Jennie M. Drinkwater
  • Beyond this it is necessary that the syllables, to form a full and perfect rhyme, should be accented syllables.

    A Handbook of the English Language | Robert Gordon Latham
  • And the Hebrew word forms a perfect rhyme with its German equivalent: "Seth—steht."

  • Why should we insist upon a perfect rhyme, as if it was a cog in a wheel?

    Whitman | John Burroughs

British Dictionary definitions for perfect rhyme

perfect rhyme

  1. Also called: full rhyme rhyme between words in which the stressed vowels and any succeeding consonants are identical although the consonants preceding the stressed vowels may be different, as between part/hart or believe/conceive

  2. a rhyme between two words that are pronounced the same although differing in meaning, as in bough/bow

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